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We are now actively recruiting for volunteers for the 2020 Science Bowl events. If you are interested in volunteering, please read the role descriptions carefully. For some roles, some preparation is required before the events.

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Volunteer Role Descriptions & Requirements


This role requires prior Science Bowl experience.  The Moderator must be able to read the questions clearly and carefully.  The Moderator is the person responsible for controlling each match. It is important that the Moderator is very familiar with how the game is played and must be well versed in all of the competition rules. It is, therefore, extremely important that you review the rules well in advance of the actual event.They must also ensure they conduct themselves in a manner that is equitable for all participants and demonstrate a demeanor that is appropriate for a formal academic competition. They must also maintain control of the room at all times. Moderators cannot be affiliated with any participating school or student.   Read more>>

Moderator & Rules Judge Training Video

Rules Judge*

Your primary duty as a Science Bowl Rules Judge includes ensuring all competition rules are followed. We prefer this role to be filled by a professional in one of the Science, Technology, Engineering or Math fields. The Rules Judge cannot be affiliated with any participating school or student. See the competition rules.  Read more>>


Your primary duty as a Science Bowl Timekeeper includes operating the official competition time clock. Read more>>

Timekeeper Training Video


Your primary duty as a Science Bowl Scorekeeper is to accurately award points and record the competition score. The scorekeeper will need to add quickly and accurately.  Read more>>

Scorekeeper Training Video


Your primary duty as a Science Bowl Runner includes running errands, running score sheets to Science Bowl Central, directing traffic, answering questions and setting up.
*Note: Moderators  & Rules Judges should disclose any potential conflict of interest. There is a conflict of interest if a Moderator or Rules Judge is related to or associated with a student participant, coach or school in any way.

Room Monitor

Your primary duties as a Science Bowl Room Monitor include ensuring that no one comes into the rooms once the competition rounds have started, ensuring each competition room follows the schedule and monitoring the competition room to ensure a fair competition for all.

Registration Desk

Your primary duty as a Science Bowl Registration Desk Volunteer includes checking in volunteers OR teams as they arrive, directing traffic and assisting with lunch distribution.

Student Volunteer Requirements

High School Students may volunteer for the Science Bowl. However, there are a limited number of volunteer roles available for students. In addition, students must be at least 16 years of age to volunteer unless they are accompanied by an adult who is volunteering as well.

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